SUEZ Community Grants

Creating a sustainable future

About SUEZ Community Grants

At SUEZ, we are passionate about working with local communities to create a more sustainable future. Through the SUEZ Community Grants program, we partner with community organisations working to build local participation in social and environmental projects that contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

Since 2013, the program has provided more than $400,000 to enable a diverse range of projects that support children and families, enhance education and learning and protect and enhance the environment.

The program is specifically intended to support organisations located in the communities in which we provide recycling and recovery services and operate our facilities. Eligible projects will address one or more of the key focus areas:
• Encourage community involvement and improve the quality of the local environment
• Develop environmental awareness and inspire participation in sustainable activities through education
• Contribute to improved human health and wellbeing, and
• Support and encourage recreation and community building

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