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Minda Incorporated

Sensory Garden for Peope with Disability

Minda Incorporated have received funding to create a sensory garden and safe outdoor environment which can be accessed with assistance or independently by people living with disability who live in Minda's community homes in Blackwood, South Australia.

The garden will include the planting of raised garden beds, installation of screening and use of garden design to create a self-contained garden environment which encourages interaction with a variety of plants, artwork, wildlife, birds, water features and other items to stimulate all five senses. The garden will have a paved path, wide enough for wheelchair access and shaded and covered areas so that the garden can be enjoyed all year round. 

Residents and visitors will use the garden to relax in a peaceful environment, but also to be stimulated, trigger memories through sight, sound, and smells and to be able to engage in planting and picking of plants. 

It is planned there will be a grassy area adjacent to the paths and paved areas, where it will be easy for people to take their shoes and socks off – as well as surrounded by colourful artwork and aromas of fragrant plants and flowers.

The Sensory Garden will also assist residents with improved diet through using the produce (vegetables and herbs) grown in the garden.

As the Sensory Garden will be developed at the front of the home(s) and overlooking a community reserve and gully, the project provides the opportunity for increased participation and interaction with the wider community, such as with neighbours and other Blackwood residents using the adjacent areas for recreation, dog-walking and so on. 

Minda has had discussions with TAFE and an agricultural school who are keen to participate in the design and project build as part of their own studies which can contribute to their grades and portfolio. 

Minda encourages the participation of local community, local businesses, local service clubs and volunteers to be part of this endeavour through means of donation of time or resources, creating valuable community social inclusion, engagement, and social links. 


Amount: $14,900

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