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QLD - Permaculture Cairns

"Empowering Communities with Sustainable Solutions" is the key message of Permaculture Cairns. The SITA community grant funding of $4,990 will enable the group  to implement a series of nine workshops in sustainable practices using permaculture principles and practices. 

The essence of permaculture design is to teach the community to understand and mirror the patterns found in healthy natural environments.  It enables us to build productive, sustainable, cultivated ecosystems, which include people.

The workshops, which will be held between May and October 2014, are aimed at educating the general public in sustainable practices, such as recycling organic waste in various ways, keeping earthworms, growing food organically, growing food in small spaces, and growing and using tropical vegetables.  Workshops will also be held on building a Banana circle, Herb Spirals and Wicking Beds at the Bungalow Community Gardens.











Image courtesy of Permaculture Cairns

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