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QLD - St Joseph’s School - Clermont

The St. Joseph's is a primary school is located in Clermont, Central Queensland.  Clermont has a population of approximately 2,500 people and is classified as 4/5 with regards to remoteness by the Office of Economic and Statistical Research. Some of the 117 students attending St Joseph's school live as far away as 100km.

The construction of a playground at St. Joseph's School Clermont is a priority for the school and students. Physical education is not only an essential part of any curriculum, but also of any childhood. The original school playground was built in 1980. As a result of a health and safety audit in 2009, the school playground was deemed unsafe and was demolished in March 2010. Since this time, the school has been without a playground.

President of St Joseph's Parents & Friends Association, Judy Howard, said "The construction of the playground is a significant project for the school.  The SITA grant will directly contribute to the successful achievement of this project."






Image courtesy of St Joseph's School, Clermont

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