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VIC - Chicks in the Sticks

Project Platypus has experienced success with an engagement model that caters specifically to female members of the farming community.  This model has proven successful at reaching new audiences, and creating awareness in the community about sustainable/innovative farming practices, with the aim of encouraging women to take these ideas home to their own property.

The 'Chicks in the Sticks' event not only provides socially isolated women of the farming community the opportunity to have a little fun, it improves awareness and appreciation of sustainable land management. 

Events Coordinator for Project Platypus,  Cathy McDermott, said, "By working in partnership with SITA, we have an opportunity to continue to bring ‘Chicks in the Sticks’ to the Upper Wimmera.  This event invites women to attend a site visit to Taranaki Farm and is designed to be a fun and social day out for farming women." 

The $3,065 funding from the SITA Community Grants program will help run the 5th 'Chicks in the Sticks' event.

Chicks in the Sticks









Image courtesy of Wimmera Catchment Authority and Project Platypus Upper Wimmera Landcare

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