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VIC - Lorne Primary School Playground

The Lorne Campus of the Lorne-Aireys Inlet P-12 College in Victoria currently has no stimulating outdoor play area suitable for its primary school children. 

The central focus of the new nature-based playground will be a jetty, to which a donated boat will be 'moored'.  The jetty will wrap around a sand pit, spill out to a cluster of rocks and over a dry creek bed.  There will be multi-use areas for large group play and several intimate areas for smaller groups of children to gather, amongst soft plantings.

The playground is targeted at primary school aged children - both now and into the future.  There are around 80 children attending the Lorne primary school, but as the life-span of the playground will be at least a decade, over 300 children will benefit from the playground over time.  

Nicky Muxworthy, Lorne Parent Club President, said "The project for which SITA has kindly provided funds for is a nature-based playground.  It will be an outdoor learning environment that will encourage 'a voyage of discovery' through imaginative, exploratory and curriculum-based activities."  






The 'before' playground at the Lorne Campus.  Image courtesy of Nicky Muxworthy.

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